Carol Cleveland Sings - Effervescent Lure LP


*Both LPs and Cassettes include download card*

Carol Cleveland Sings is the psychedelic bedroom pop duo of Thomas Hughes and Gretchen Lohse. The project originated as a way for Hughes (known for his role as singer and songwriter of The Spinto Band and member of Elephant 6 group, The Music Tapes) to catalog song ideas and recording experiments which he released sparingly on CD-Rs or homemade cassettes.

During a month of self-imposed writing exercises, Hughes accumulated more than an album's worth of material. He then enlisted the help of Philadelphia musician/artist Gretchen Lohse to help finish and refine the recordings. This collection of songs became Effervescent Lure.

1. Motivation
2. The Grand Piano Drops
3. Black Canvas
4. Ennui
5. Crimson Colored Mantel
6. Below the Basement
7. (Someone) Like a Wolf
8. Wishing Well
9. Dandelion Dust
10. Mishaps
11. There I Go
12. Simmer to a Panic
13. Nothing to See
14. Run to Your Bedroom
15. They Could Be Wrong
16. Forest Fire
17. Everybody Told a Secret
18. The Painting’s Moved Again

LP limited to 500 copies
Cassette limited to 100 copies